Need a room?

Are you new in Amsterdam and do you need a room? It can be very difficult to find a room in Amsterdam, but we are here to help you. In the step by step guide you will find a lot of information and tips on how to find a room in Amsterdam. ASVA also mediates in rooms and regularly has studentrooms available. The ‘roombureau’ from the ASVA studentunion uses a lottery system. Our system chooses 5 students who will get the opportunity to contact the letter and see the room. The letter will then choose the person who will get the room. Registration time does not matter at ASVA, every member has an equal part in the lottery. For more information about the ‘roombureau’ you can contact the ASVA studentdesk.

It can be especially difficult for foreign students to find a proper room. How do you, for example, know if the advertisement is not a scam? ASVA can help you with that. We can check the room-advertisement or your contract. However, we can only give advice. If you have serious doubts about a room, or if your contract is insane, we can redirect you to people that can give you certified legal advice, since we cannot be held accountable for when things do go wrong.

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