Law office

As a student in Amsterdam you will have to sign multiple contracts during your studies. Think about a rentcontract or an employment contract. Also, during your studies you might encounter situations where you think you deserve a different treatment, for example with a Binding Study Recommendation (BSA) or extra retakes on exams. Ofcourse you hope everything goes smoothly without trouble, but what do you do when that is not the case?

With all your juridicial questions and problems you can contact the Law office from ASVA. Enthusiastic (law)students are ready to help their fellowstudents with their juridicial problems. ASVA could help you with, amongst others, tenancy law, employment law, education law and problems with DUO. The Law office also helps you find your way in the UvA or HvA when you have a problem or don’t agree with the state of affairs in your studies.


You can send an email to the Law Office with your questions. In many cases your question can be answered via email. 


ASVA studentdesk (UvA) (map)
Nieuwe Achtergracht 170
1018WV Amsterdam
E-mail: (mention your phonenumber in this email)


The ASVA studentunion Law office is a studentorganisation and is in no way liable for the consequences of the advice given, appeals or writs.