Information for foreign students

ASVA Student Union is the biggest student organisation in Amsterdam. ASVA represents the interests of students of both UvA and AUAS (HvA). The quality and accessibility of education are our priorities. To achieve this, we engage with the Executive Board of these institutions, we investigate problems, we seek the media and we even organize manifestations.

Being a student means having fun, meeting new people and enjoying education. But studying brings about many questions. What is the deal with the OV-chipcard, where do you get a good quality (but cheap) bike? And is it even possible to find a room in Amsterdam these days? The ASVA studentunion can help you.  We try to answer your questions about the university, living in Amsterdam and studying in itself. The interests of the student are the central point at ASVA. We continuously provoke attention for good education, amongst others by engaging in conversation with politicians and the media. But that what we find most important is the conversation with YOU! What do students thing of our higher education, and what requires improvement?

ASVA provides several services  to make your life as a student easier. At our studentdesks in CREA and the Wibauthuis you can ask all your question about studying in Amsterdam. Above all we sell cheap and legal bikes every Tuesday! You can join in our raffle for rooms and our law office will help you with any legal problems you might have. Any problems with your rent or education? We’re happy to help. 

Become a member

By becoming a member of ASVA, you support us in achieving the best for international students. The services we offer our members include

For more information, you can contact the ASVA Student Desk at or 020 525 2926, or visit our student desk (CREA, Nieuwe Achtergracht 170).

Studentdesk summer Opening Hours

Monday                           12.30 - 16.00
Wednesday                     12.30 - 16.00
Friday                              12.30 - 16.00

CREA, Nieuwe Achtergracht 170
In the CREA building on the first floor.