Buy A Bike

Every Tuesday around 13:00, the ASVA studentunion sells cheap, secondhand, legal city bikes to our members. You can have a bike for €65,- and you also need a membership of the ASVA studentunion which will only cost you €15. During the bikesale it is possible to buy a lock for €15 in cash. 

The bikesale will take place at the Roeterseilandcampus. You will get more information in the confirmation email sent to you when you reserve a bike.

In order to get a bike on Tuesday, you need to register before Monday 13:00. 

If you don't have a Dutch bank account number, it is not possible to reserve a bike online. In this case you can visit our studentdesk and pay in cash.

ATTENTION: Bought a bike at ASVA this year already? Did your bike get stolen? Please send us your police report! You can't buy more than one bike a year. 

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  • €65 for a second-hand bike (back-pedal brake)
  • 4 weeks warranty
  • Free bike lights
  • Registration for the bike
  • Terms and conditions

The asva cargo bike

Planning for a party or moving houses? Hire our cargobike! More information you will find here.